[ICML 2018] Day 4 - Time-Series Analysis, NLP, and More Human-like Learning Machines

The 4th day of ICML 2018 started with the ``Test of Time Award’’ which was awarded to Ronan Collobert and Jason Weston for their ICML 2008 paper: A Unified Architecture for Natural Language Processing: Deep Neural Networks with Multitask Learning. Here you can find some comments of the authors on their paper and its reception 10 years ago. I wasn’t able to attend their presentation as Stockholm commuter train had been disrupted.

I attended the following sessions:

  • Time-Series Analysis (session 1)
  • Transfer and Multi-Task Learning (session 2)

  • Natural Language and Speech Processing (session 3)
    • 4 talks: 3 talks from Facebook researchers, 1 talk from Google

And the two plenary talks:

  • Language to Action: towards Interactive Task Learning with Physical Agents
  • Building Machines that Learn and Think Like People